Thursday, March 5, 2015

Officially Retired - Go Girl!!

March 1, was my last day of work.  Well, almost.  We interviewed three candidates for my position and once a hire is made, I will go in for a day or two to train that person.  Then, truly no more work!

My co-workers threw a party for me a week ago today, and along with the staff about 35 volunteers came.  So, I wore my emotions on my sleeve and cried the whole time.  I love these folks and it is hard to leave them.  But the upside is that many of us will remain in touch through this blog or emails.

I received a number of very thoughtful and generous gifts and cards, so again I was moved as I went through  everything.  All I can say is "wow"!

So this week I did not have to get up for work!  No morning alarm blaring!  I like that this is the future for me! However, our bed sold this week so we have been sleeping on the floor with camping sleeping pads and sleeping bags to provide some cushioning.  It has become more comfortable as each night goes by, but it has taken a toll on my lower back.  Can't wait to sleep on our queen size mattress in our teardrop!  April 1st is that first night!

Our sofa and chair sold too, so we are sitting on our camp chairs!

 This week has been busy with prepping.  And writing thank you notes.  And planning our route.  Fun stuff!

Watching morning news and just heard the phrase "reinventing yourself".  I think that's what I am doing with our "Odyssey".  On some level, I am focusing on having a sense of youth, of energy, and of more mindfulness.  Of being more spirited on a higher level.  Of being more fit and taking better care of myself.  I want that feeling of revitalization.  That's a gift I am giving myself.