Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blast Off!

We have launched!   We are northwest of Pittsburgh at a Fairfield inn with our feet up and T.V. on. We traveled about 331 miles on route 76 through Philadelphia and Harrisburg with no traffic issues.  Passed by lots of vast farmland and through several tunnels that were blasted through mountains.

Got 24 mpg, traveling at 60 mph. Once we added air to our new tires, we saw the improvement to our miles per gallon.  Gas cost $2.60/gallon. Ick!

Our appointment is on Wednesday at 9:30a.m. to meet our teardrop and learn all about her. We'll get to Necedah, WI on Tuesday evening, after spending tomorrow night in South Bend,IN.

Had a great visit with Michael's mom and family.  Not surprising, I teared up when we left!  I'm consistent if nothing else!   But, the bittersweet turned all sweet once we hit the road! We are super excited!