Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Blizzard of 2015 = Productivity

I've had a long weekend!  A nor'easter blew through here yesterday dumping close to 2' of snow on us!  The sanctuary was closed both yesterday and today, so it was an unexpected two extra days off!  The highlight was not losing power! 

Being home gave me the opportunity to get things done!  I made calls regarding auto and trailer insurance quotes, printed off the Escapees mail forwarding forms to complete, spoke to my 403(b) account representative about what I need to do come my last day of work on February 28, and organized my desk!  Next is to look at every photo we have here and decide what to digitize and what to toss.  I just went through so many of our cycling photos including our trip across the US (20 years ago this year!!), rallies, and travels.  If we ever attempted to digitize all of them, we'd be here for another year!  So we need to pick and choose only the special memories.

We sold our entertainment unit on Sunday so the only big furniture we have left is our bed, loveseat, and chair and Betsy has offered to buy those items from us; we also have a heavy dining table that really has been a catch-all and 'folding laundry' table and I have no idea where and when that will go.  I dropped off a small table to Sandra, as a gift, so that is another item out!

Next, send emails to my sisters with photos of family items to see who wants what.

The other night Michael hung a wall map of the U.S. and we started marking destinations with little post-it notes!  How fun!  So far this is our initial plan of action...depart mid-March and head to NJ for a 10 day visit with family and friends.  Head west to Wisconsin for April 1 to pick up the teardrop!  Then head to Livingston, Texas to establish our domicile and register our car and trailer, get driver's licenses, register to vote, etc.  We'll be Texans!

Our goal is to visit Harriet in Tucson AZ if that works well for her, and then reach Lakehead, CA for the first weekend in May to attend the Dam Gathering of Tears, a rally of sorts for teardrop owners!  We look forward to camping with Bruce and Jackie, whom we have met through the CI forum.  From northern CA we'll poke around heading to Oregon and WA state.  In WA there is another 'gathering' called the Northwest Round-Up, that is the third week of August.  By October we plan on heading back south to spend the winter where no blizzards will find their way!  Still need to figure this part out.  Many of our destinations will be dictated by birdwatching!

Now, though, we wait for our long driveway to be plowed so I can go to work tomorrow.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Moving On

Tendering my resignation was easier than I thought it would be.

I had been feeling anxiety about it leading up to Friday (1/16) when I knew I'd be talking to Bob.  I mentioned this to Harriet the day before and she was surprised that I felt that way as she thought I'd be feeling joy.  I understand that and actually I was feeling a sense of underlying excitement. This would be taking us one step closer to our odyssey.  Yet, I think the nervousness had to do with the fact that I have really liked my job and was sad on a small scale to give it up...and there was that little nudge reminding me that what we are doing is huge.

But, once I sat in Bob's office, the words flowed smoothly -- no hesitation on my part.  There was Bob's surprised reactions of "no!" and "really?"  He said he wasn't expecting this and could I stay a few more years!  I was very appreciative of several things he said about my role at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.  I feel I have really made a contribution, but I also feel strongly that my co-workers and "my" volunteers contributed to the success I have had at the sanctuary.

After, I went into the ladies rest room and did a little fist pumping, celebrating this big step closer to the teardrop future!

My last day is Saturday, 2/28, as I offered to help with training and transition of a new volunteer coordinator.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Countdown to Panic!

10.  It doesn't help matters when you're trying to relax and fall asleep that your dear husband announces that it's 10 1/2 weeks "til showtime"!!

9.  Which phone call do I make first?? 

8.  It is time to let my boss know of my intentions to leave my job, effective 2/28!

7.  How the heck do we prioritize things when they all seem like #1 on the list?

6.  Even with so much house stuff sold, there's still much to sell, give away, donate, trash...

5.  We need to stop watching TV!!  (Except for the Pats playoff game this Sunday).

4.  When do we step down from the Cape Cod Bird Festival committee??  Two weeks ago!  Ooops.

3.  What are we forgetting?

2.  Do I take Tylenol P.M. to sleep??

1.  Maybe I should just breathe.