Friday, June 16, 2017

Not on the Road Again...yet

There hasn't been much podding lately.  We have taken a bit of a hiatus in our travels, spending almost 3 months in NJ.  Michael's mother has been more than generous in opening her home to us for such a long visit.  We have loved spending time with family and friends, but we are itching to get on the road again.  

One thing kept us busy though.  We looked into selling our Rpod and getting into something a few feet longer.  Mostly it was me driving this effort!  I love our Pod, but with the 3 cats and the two of us, I yearn for a bit more space.  Our Pod is 20' long, but that includes the tongue at about 3'.  So really we're in 17' of living space.  Even though much of our time is spent outdoors, the interior space is a little tight.

So, this is the layout. The queen bed is really what is referred to as a queen short; it is as wide as a standard queen, but, as the name implies, shorter.  The dinette and refrigerator are part of the slide out, which does give us a bit of extra space when camping.  When we travel, the slide is in.

The kitchen area is the largest in the Rpod family of trailers, and there's a good deal of interior storage space with a storage bay accessible from outside for tools, etc.

She really is a great trailer, but I was anxious to find something bigger.  Let's say, Michael wasn't as keen on this idea as I, but he trudged along with me to a few RV dealerships, and even into Pennsylvania to look at someone's used trailer.  So, we listed our Pod on several geographic Craig's Lists, on Rpod forums, on RV Trader, and eBay.  This was an interesting experience!  Scammers do come out of the woodwork, and it was easy enough to pick them out.  Others offered to buy for 50% less than our asking price.  Lots of nibbles, but not many lookers.  Last we thought it was sold, but the prospects offered well below our asking price.  Well, that was it.  We unlisted the Pod and decided for now anyway that we're meant to stay with the Pod!

We are here in NJ until next Tuesday or Wednesday, and we are kind of relieved that we don't have to travel over the July 4th weekend.  Our goal is to head toward Maine, with stops along the way.  Meanwhile, here's life in NJ!

Nevelle doing what cats do.

Hardcore coffee drinking on my mother-in-law's front porch.

Michael's strawberry shortcake.

Okay, not very adventurous, but I promise you more exciting times ahead!