Sunday, March 8, 2015

It Started as One of Those Days

I feel the stress and frustration to the point of sore neck and shoulder muscles!  I am working on calming down. 

Let's see why I was a crazy...okay, first was being shut out of my Social Security account, because although 3 times I typed my user name and password as done previously, SS didn't recognize them!  Of, course you can't call them today -- it's Sunday!  And although it's Sunday, I can actually call Blue Cross/Blue Shield (have some questions) and because they have my birth date incorrect, I have to call the Healthcare Marketplace.  So, I do that, and get a service rep pretty quickly...hallelujah!  Miracles happen.  Then I am told they are having computer issues and to call back.  You know how it is when your best laid plans go awry, or whatever the expression is.

So, onto other things.

Fun stuff yesterday...we bought supplies for our galley, things that squoosh down to being flat like a silicone colander.  E-cloths, towels and scrubbers, that don't require soap  (google 'e-cloths' to read about how cool they are!).  A percolator coffee pot (shades of my childhood and my parents perking their coffee!).  Skinny flexible cutting mats.  A small can-opener.  Lodge pan lid for our 8" skillet.  Camp Suds (biodegradable). 

And our tire boot came yesterday -- hopefully another deterrent for possible theft attempts (Michael has also bought locks for the hatch too.).

It is now time to go through our to-do list.  And definitely make time to sit outside and watch the birds at the's in the upper 30's!  Almost spring-like!

Thirteen days until lift off!