Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Long Time No See!

It has been some time since I have posted, and mostly due to the fact it has been a relatively uneventful period of time.  I also spent much of December "under the weather", so my ambition level was low.  But, in this new year, I do feel better and wanted to catch up!  Belated happy new year wishes to you!

We traveled through Biloxi, Mississippi, parking overnight at Harrah's Casino for free.  About five other RV's were parked with us for the night.

In Biloxi, we met up with a wonderful man who makes fantastic Native American style flutes, George Dyson, Jr.  I already own one flute by George, a beautiful cedar key of G.  George had another flute for me that I had ordered from him back in November in Florida at the Native Rhythms Festival.  This one is a beautiful key of low C, made out of river cane.  George incorporated some malachite that I had bought months ago in Oklahoma and he did a wonderful job using it.

Welcome to Louisiana!  

We found a great little neighborhood spot for lunch called Fiorella's, in East New Orleans.  The menu offered Cajun and Italian, and we had a terrific meal there.

One highlight was visiting Baton Rouge in Louisiana where we spent a few hours at the Museum of Art and Science.  We were lucky to find parking for the car and trailer, along a river walk by the Mississippi River.  At the museum we went to a planetarium show and walked through exhibits.  It was a great place and only cost $9/per person.

The Red Stick

The museum and planetarium dome.

A feast at a local restaurant!

We are now in Texas.  We have returned to a wonderful spot in Sam Houston National Forest where we have camped before.  Upon arrival, it was cold!!  Temperatures went into the twenties and teens at night with ice accumulating on the car, grass, and even on our windows inside!  

Dressing warmly!

We are happy our trailer has a heater.  Without electric hookup we ran the thermostat low, but it was enough to take the edge off the chill.  

Nevelle and Rice cuddled for warmth!

Homemade corn bread by Michael!

We will be here for a couple of weeks more.  Although temperatures rose into the seventies, and we had sunny weather for a few days, it is very rainy now.  Won't see sun for another day or two.  Passing time in the local library!