Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pooped and Recovering

It has been a tiring week that ended with our departure on Sunday to NJ to visit friends and family.  We thought we were well prepared, but as always, when it gets down to the wire, you find all sorts of last minute loose ends.  Mostly it was cleaning our apartment (a duplex) from top to bottom for the landlord inspection.  What we thought would take a day took much more time and we were still cleaning after the inspection!  We passed and will get our security deposit back in full, but the two of us were just worn out by Saturday, and delayed our drive to NJ until Sunday.

Part of the wear and tear on us was Michael being so sick, and me picking up more to do to compensate.  He did as much as he could, but now days later he is still not well.  We had to get our last mountain of trash to the dumpster on Sat., pack the car in a wet, sloppy snowfall and we weren't done until 5:30pm.  W ended up staying at a local hotel Saturday night.

Now it is Tuesday!  We visited our dear friend Pam in northern NJ on Sunday, and are presently with Billie and Allen until tomorrow.  These have been the best visits and it makes us aware of how much we love our friends.  We will stay in touch, of course, but leaving is still a bit rough on us.

The car is packed to the rafters!  We have a cargo box as well, which is fully loaded.  Once we have the teardrop, and everything is packed in it and organized, the cargo area of the car will be much more under control!

I am still bewildered about the fact I am retired and not on vacation!!  I think once we are headed to WI, I will finally be convinced that we are really into this new chapter of our life.  The excitement is palpable!

So, we are "recovering" from our fatigue and getting psyched up for the trip to Necedah, WI!