Wednesday, March 18, 2015

4 More Days until Lift-off

Yesterday we got a lot accomplished.  Bags of garbage taken to the dumpster.  I went through my scrapbooks and photo albums and pulled out especially precious pages and photos to consider keeping, or photographing with the camera.  The rest was dumped.

Finally worked out the state and federal tax return issues from the H&R Block site, but no thanks to them.  Their process was poor at best when it came time to try and file.

Finished packing our 'take with us' plastic tubs.

I finished packing up boxes of items to be sent to my sisters for their use or safekeeping.  Made some necessary phone calls.

All in all, we pretty much got through our 'to-do' list.

Michael still as a heavy duty cough and feels kind of yucky, but he did say he felt better than the day before, so it looks like the he may be turning a corner.

Some friends coming by for last minute items to pick up and give new homes to...the TV and DVR player, some cookware, etc.

Tensions are rising somewhat due to our departure date looming very closely.  We now each have the liberty of calling for a timeout, if it looks like we might escalate into a fight.  We used it last night, and it made us laugh!  We avoided an argument and were able to talk through the issue.

What to do next??

Today is heavy duty cleaning day for our landlord inspection tomorrow morning.