Monday, March 16, 2015

Countdown to Lift-off - 6 days

Michael is sick,  He has a bad chest cold of some sort going on.  Fever, chills, and awful cough.  Saw the doctor today (Monday) and he is now on an antibiotic as she is concerned it could go to pneumonia.  He even has an ear infection.  My poor boy.  Hopefully he will hit this out of the park quickly.

Today (Monday) I said my "so long" to Sandra, but not a real goodbye as we plan on seeing her and her family in April of next year at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah for a week of volunteering with the animals.  Nonetheless, I cried and felt so sad I won't see her for a year.  But, we will be in touch regularly through email, phone, blog, snail mail, you name it.  But, I left her feeling a bit empty.

It is really Tuesday, at 2:30 a.m.  I just went through all of my scrapbooks and pulled out about 10 layouts with photos that I'd like to keep.  I also collected about a dozen photos to bring along.  The rest hit the dumpster.  The two scrapbooks I am saving are on our bicycle Odyssey back in 1994/1995 and one on our family history.  I will send them off to Harriet or Linda to hold onto.

Did another 2 loads of Wonder Wash laundry and I love this thing!  Nice clean clothes!

For later today, well, it will be busy and productive.  Will load the car with packages to ship to Linda and Harriet on Friday.  That will clear out some floor space and then I can attack cleaning and getting the apartment ready for Thursday's inspection, and for Friday's Habitat for Humanity pick-up of our donated items.  Trash runs needed, too.  A few calls to make including H&R Block - our Federal return won't e-file like it should.

Feel a whirlwind of emotions and am tired...but that thought of departing this weekend for our big adventure keeps my spirits buoyed,  We decided to leave for NJ on Saturday, rather than Friday, for a bunch of reasons, but mostly to give Michael an extra day to get better.

Will report in tonight.