Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Making Progress!

Sunday I was hitting brick walls and couldn't get some things accomplished that I wanted to cross of our to-do list.  Yesterday was the total opposite.  I connected with the health plan Marketplace, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and next on my list was to connect with Social Security to check on my application.  Before I could call them, they actually called me to tell me my application was approved and to review details! Holy cow -- I couldn't believe how things are falling into place!

Michael and I ran some errands, and treated ourselves to lunch at our favorite spot, Grumpy's!  We will miss that place, the staff and the fabulous food at great prices!  If you're ever in E. Dennis, MA, you need to eat there!  www.grumpyscapecod.com

Last night we pulled all of our plastic tubs out with our gear and clothing for the Odyssey and started going through each plastic tub to again do inventory and reduce the amount of stuff we will bring with us.  It's amazing on two counts...we didn't save this to do at the last minute (we are known to have done this in the past!), and secondly, that we have actually pulled a bunch of clothes and gear to donate and reduce our load!

When we did our loaded cross-country loaded bike trip across the US in the 90's, we left southern NJ to take the ferry over to Lewes, DE.  When we got to the campground there, we unloaded 10 lbs. of gear and sent it back home.  We still laugh about it, but we have learned our lesson about sensible packing!

We are donating our clothes dryer and remaining furniture (not much!) hopefully to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.  Need to call them and get the details. Dishes and any remaining food will go to the local food pantry. Then, we are pretty much down to our camp chairs!!  Whooo Hooo!

Yes, our excitement is building.  It is now dawning on us that this is all real!!