Monday, February 23, 2015

Friendships and Condensation

"I guess it's true what is said about "leavings", that you never really know how much someone has become a part of who you are until they leave you."  - Karl and Judi

Two lovely and kind and interesting people whom I met through my work at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary as volunteer coordinator wrote these very expressive words to me when they heard I was retiring from the sanctuary.  Their message made me cry, as they touched on the exact sentiment I feel toward all of the people I am leaving.

I have been super lucky to have met so many amazing people here on Cape Cod, through work, the Cape Cod Bird Club and Festival, the Dennis Conservation Commission.  Many have meant a lot to me and I do experience mixed emotions when I think about the impression each has made on my life.  And although I leave many friends behind, having them in my life makes them a part of who I am.

I am a pretty sentimental person, and I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  So, in this next several weeks, before we depart Cape Cod, I suspect I will be going through a few boxes of Kleenex!

Close-up of HyperVent FabricOn another note...prepping for the Odyssey...we have been receiving many UPS boxes...still!  Most of it is smallish stuff since that's basically all we can fit!  But, we got a big roll of Hypervent in a 5' tall box the other day.  I learned about Hypervent on the Camp-Inn forum from another full-timer, Jenn.  This is a marine product of stiff curly threads of spun polymer woven into a large, open, 3/4" thick configuration that is bonded to a breathable white fabric layer. Stiff yet flexible, the texture of HyperVent is not felt through the thinnest of mattresses, so they say!  It promotes airflow and lifts the mattress off a possible damp floor.

It eliminates condensation, water, mildew, and other moisture problems on boats and ships.  Since the teardrop cabin can be prone to condensation, this was recommended by Jenn to go under our mattress.  It makes sense to us, so we will cut it to size and give it a try!