Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cat + Kittens = Non-stop Entertainment

Yes, our family has grown with the addition of two newly adopted kittens!  We had been thinking about adopting a second cat as a companion for 4 1/2 year old, Nevelle.  With a buddy for Nevelle, we would be more inclined, more often, to be out for a hike or sightseeing for several hours.

Nevelle has been an amazing traveling and camping kitty.  He has a terrific personality and is both leash trained as well as comfortable on a tie-out.  He loves the outdoors and we're always present when he's tied out.  We'll wait til the kittens are a year old before we try harnesses and then leashes for outdoor walks!

We found our new kitties at Petsmart courtesy of the Camden County  (NJ) Animal Shelter.  Rice and Curry (yes, these were their given names and we are sticking with them!) are active little kittens and they and Nevelle are getting along pretty well.  Nevelle is trying to assert his alpha status, but the kittens challenge him!

Meeting Rice (gray) & Curry (black) at our interview

Nevelle taking a kitten break!

The girls are sisters & like to cuddle together 

We are staying in our mom's house, so they all are enjoying the chance to run around and play in her sunroom.  Periodically we get the kittens into the trailer for a couple of hours to learn about their new home.  They have explored and found a cozy sleeping spot.

Today is their wellness check-up at the vet. Curry came to us with an eye "issue".  The left eye is cloudy like a cataract, but her sight seems fine.  We'll get that diagnosed today.  They are spayed and have had their shots.

The three felines are sharing a litter box so that means only one needed in the trailer.  We are feeding Nevelle his adult food and the kittens their kitten food, but from time to time they are snacking on each other's food!

Our travel plans have us in south Jersey until mid-month.  Our goal is to continue down the east coast to Florida  (Melbourne) for the Native Rhythms Festival the second weekend in November.  However, our plans might have to be adjusted based on the outcome of Hurricane Matthew.  Will keep you posted!