Thursday, March 12, 2015

Friends Tried and True, Old and New

What a week it's been!  Full of friendship and food!  Right up my alley!

Friends have taken us out to lunch and dinner three times since Tuesday and it's only Thursday.  I am awestruck by the generosity and we so appreciate these friends.  On Tuesday we had lunch with Marie and Julie at the Scargo Cafe, Barb and Betsy took us out for lunch at the Marshside restaurant yesterday, and last night the bird festival committee, Gerry, Fran, David, and Stefanie took us to the Brazilian Grill.

These were high-spirited meals with lots of great conversation.  Afterwards, I felt that combination of feelings that equal 'bittersweet'.  It is hard to leave friends who have made a deep impression on me.  But then today, I learned that our future holds so many opportunities for new friendships.

Michael and I drove 2+ hours to meet Jackie and Bruce face-to-face halfway between our Dennis home and their Poland, Maine home.  We met them initially through the Camp-Inn forum when they saw we were from New England. Bruce had sent me a message about a teardrop rally in northern CA in early May and suggested that we come to it and camp with them.  After a bunch of emails and a couple of phone calls, we planned to get together in Peabody today.  We found each other easily at the Home Depot rendezvous spot and went off to Applebee's for lunch.  We all agreed that it only took a few minutes to feel our friendship click!  What great people and so easy to be with.  We talked camping and teardrops and past and future travels.  It was so much fun and the next time we get together we will be on the west coast!

So, lucky for us, we look forward to this and future new friendships.  Makes the current separations a little more manageable.  Today, it felt like our big adventure had begun!