Monday, December 28, 2015

Tornado Watch

We are in DeFuniak Springs in Florida, all the way west in the panhandle near the border with Alabama.  Our goal was a campground in Conecuh National Forest, north of interstate 10, but we began hearing weather reports of severe thunderstorms for last night and today (Sunday night and Monday).  So we took a motel room at an inexpensive and not so luxurious Super 8!  It is clean and comfortable, though.

Today it has poured, but now it is quiet.   A while ago, a voice blared from my phone suddenly, telling us there's a tornado watch in effect.  That got us to tune into the Weather Channel, where we learned that the county we're in (Walton) is under this watch.  Hoping it doesn't go to a warning!!  It is a bit unnerving after seeing all of the devastation from yesterday's tornadoes and storms.  Even eastern Texas, where we are domiciled, hasn't been spared.  And that's where we're headed.  

Yesterday, we left St. Joseph Peninsula State Park with some reluctance.  We tried to extend, but the park was sold out.  What a lovely spot to stay, and we will be back!  On Saturday, we left the peninsula to visit Port St. Joe, a small town about 25 minutes away.  This was actually a trip down memory lane.  In 1994/1995, Michael and I cycled, loaded with our camping gear, etc., around the U.S.  We cycled route 98 through the Florida panhandle, a coastal route.  One day we ended up reaching Port St. Joe, and daylight was running out.  We needed to find a place to camp, so we stopped at the police station to ask if there was a campground nearby.  The police officer we spoke to at that time informed us that there wasn't a campground in the area.  Then he surprised us by offering a place for us to sleep at the police station!  They had "transient" rooms on the second floor, and we were invited to spend the night.  Clean sheets, a clean bathroom, it all worked out well for us!  We did listen to sirens through the night, but all in all it was fine, and made for an interesting story to tell!

We found a cool place to eat for lunch.  Michael ate Appalachicola raw oysters and loved every bite!  I ate cheesy grits and they were yummy.  The place was rustic and appealing.

This cool chair had to be photographed:

Well, off to watch more weather reports!