Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas in Paradise

This year we have missed the typical hub-bub of Christmas.  We avoided shopping due to crowds and the associated mania!  With no TV, we haven't been home bound watching the holiday classics.  We won't have family time.  And as much as these things are a part of this festive time of year, we aren't lonely or sad...because we are celebrating Christmas in paradise!

The Gulf of Mexico

We awoke early this Christmas morning to an amazing moon set over the Gulf.  The moon was a pale orange and full, making for a beautiful way to start the day.

The white dot over the RV is the moon setting.

We arrived here at Saint Joseph's Peninsula State Park yesterday around 4pm.  After checking in we pulled into our campsite and tiny as it is, we have no neighbors yet, so we feel cozy, but not crowded!
We look out to the bay beyond the palms.

Before coffee or breakfast we took a walk on the beach.  What a way to start the day!

Back at the campsite, we perked some coffee and ate our breakfast.  We had some company too!  This beautiful cardinal hung around with us for some time!

Eurasian collared dove

At this time, the sun has disappeared and clouds and light fog have rolled in.  Yesterday, as we drove route 98, toward the peninsula, we encountered a lot of fog which obscured much of the gulf views.  But, it was beautiful nonetheless.  We ate pizza at this dock yesterday enroute to the state park:

Much to our surprise, an adult bald eagle flew in to join these black vultures.  He was too far to the left to get in this picture.

Other things that caught my eye...

The pink marks our route; we are east of Port Saint Joe, where we will pick up mail tomorrow.

Nice to follow these routes! 

We celebrated with chocolate!

Wakullah river

Just ate an early lunch...toasted baguette, olive oil and garlic, fresh tomato, and ricotta.  Yum!

Michael is starting to prep for baked ziti (yes, this man can cook anything anywhere!) for today's Christmas dinner.  And, we bought a bottle of wine to celebrate!  

Getting a fire started, making coals in the Solo stove

Everything is in the pot!

Coals on top too, to get the ziti to bake evenly.

All of our family and friends are in our thoughts today, and we wish a Merry Christmas Day to all who are celebrating!