Thursday, December 17, 2015

Beautiful Evening Ocala National Forest

The evening is precious.  As afternoon melts into dusk (or prevening as Sheldon calls it on the Big Bang Theory), the peacefulness of this time takes over.  About 45 minutes ago, with the light waning, about a dozen dragonflies flew above and around us, consuming the many mosquitoes.  They were so effective, we didn't need mosquito coils.  But, like clockwork, as it darkened the dragonflies vanished, and we are dealing with the mosquitos again.  But, it doesn't ruin the evening.  

That's the waxing crescent moon, if you can't tell!  It is so pretty in reality, like a big smile in the sky.

Crickets, frogs, and cicadas are making music in the otherwise peaceful night.  The campground where we are only has about 14 spots, and only about 5 are occupied.  We have been here almost a week, but will stay until next Wednesday (Christmas eve eve), when we have an appointment to have our rear brakes replaced, and new rear shocks installed.  Once that is taken care of, we will head to Port St. Joe, where we have mail awaiting our arrival.  That's where we will pass our Christmas Day.

Earlier this afternoon, a beautiful thunderhead cloud passed through.  The sun backlit it and it was majestic!

It was a pretty warm and humid day, again.  Yesterday we hand washed laundry and everything was still wet this morning.  But, we awoke to sun and strung a line to hang our clothes to dry.  Michael just told me that tomorrow's temperature will hit 84 and cloudy.  Tonight we will sleep to 68 degrees, apparently a record high temperature for a "low".  By Friday night, we will sleep to 39 degrees!  Crazy.

Michael was super food happy today.  He cooked fresh catfish for breakfast, shared with him by another camper, Tom.  And for dinner he made a cheeseburger. My diet was a lot less interesting.

I will say I am thankful that Walmart carries baked teriyaki tofu (Walmart?!), that is quite good, so I did have a tasty lunch.  But, Michael ran into town to CVS a while ago, and ended up picking up some Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and we ate it during the dragonfly escapades which was especially great!

Today was a busy phone day for me, dealing with health insurance, prescription refills, etc.  See, it isn't all birds and scenery, traveling full time in our teardrop!  Got to attend to those boring, but critical life details!

But, I digress!

The evening -- prevening -- is now nighttime.  The dusk insect and frog chorus continues, the moon shines brightly, and momentarily, the barred owls will start calling back and forth to each other.

Just heard that first owl call!  Hoooo...