Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Packing Up

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we will be departing Ocala, and heading to the Tallahassee area for the night.  This is after we get our rear brakes and shocks replaced on our 4Runner.  We found a good shop to do the work.  Our goal is to then depart. Tallahassee Thursday morning and spend Christmas Eve and Day in the Port St. Joe area.  On Saturday, we'll pick up our mail forwarded from Texas and continue to work our way west.

I researched camping locations for mid-February this morning.  We will be there to celebrate my sister, Harriet's birthday, and my sister, Linda, from Tampa will be in too.  Debating between rustic camping in the Coronado National Forest, or camping at a RV park within the city limits.  Upside of the RV park is hot showers and laundry facilities.  Even though it isn't too scenic, it may win over the forest.  It puts us near a lot of attractions, birding locations, and hiking, so if we have any down time,  we will have something to do.

Back at Ocala, the tent is already packed away as rain is predicted.  But, we've enjoyed our morning coffee sitting outdoors, before getting back into packing.  A huge locust kept us entertained!  

Interesting but creepy at the same time!