Thursday, December 31, 2015


After about six weeks in Florida, we finally departed the sunshine state on Wednesday and crossed over the border to Alabama.  We decided for a scenic route so we headed into Mobile's historic district.  The main street was really lovely, with big old trees and big old historic homes lining both sides of the street.

Wish I had better pictures of Mobile to share!  It was a pretty area.

Our destination was DeSoto National Forest, near Gulfport, MS.  We found the Big Biloxi Recreation Area, our home for the holiday weekend. Having a senior pass has truly paid off, and at this campground our discounted rate was $13/night for electric and water at our site.  Always feels like a luxury having electricity.  With the skies so gray and the on again, off again rain, our solar panels wouldn't be bringing in much power.  There's something to be said about being able to have lights on in the cabin!  Without electric, we are very conservative with our electricity consumption.

We arrived at this campground on Wednesday to find another small teardrop here, a Little Guy.  The owner, Jim, came over to say hello and we chatted for a while about our trailers.  Nice man and we plan on doing tours of our trailers!

One of the many highlights of this lifestyle is the people interactions.  On our way to MS, we stopped at a rest stop and ended up meeting a couple traveling in an RV as well as a truck driver.  We spoke with these folks for close to a half hour, standing by the teardrop, and gave our friends a tour of the trailer.  People have the funniest reactions to the tear, as they see the interior and outside galley.  Usually, folks can't believe that there are two of us sleeping inside, until they see the queen size mattress!

Thursday we found a great restaurant for breakfast (and returned there again yesterday for lunch) called the Port City Cafe.  We had a wonderful experience there.  On Thursday, we ended up with a great waitress who was so friendly and interested in our travels.  We chatted during our couple of hours there as if we were old friends.  And at the same time the couple at the next table joined in and it was again so nice and fun.  When we left we all shared hugs!  I love experiences like these!  It makes us appreciate our nomadic lifestyle and the fleeting people bonds we are privileged to have.

Overall, our teardrop "Katie" has not presented any problems, thankfully.  Recently, I was on the Camp Inn forum and Steve posted about a leakage problem he has encountered with his teardrop.  It had to do with water being kicked up from the tow vehicle and getting into the front storage box on the trailer. So, I decided to check our storage box and the adjoining wall in the cabin.  Lo and behold, we were having the same situation.  In the cabin on the wall was a wet spot and in the storage box was moisture. The storage box floor has a couple of small drainage holes and apparently our car's mud flaps aren't agressive enough to prevent the water from spraying up toward the box.  Something to look into. We are also considering duct tape to cover the holes too.

The weather has been wet and chilly.  Nighttime is in the low 40's and right now although the thermometer says 53 it feels chillier.  It is still gray, wet, and breezy.  We're back in winter jackets and layers, after wearing shorts and sandals less than a week ago!

On Sunday, we will leave for Louisiana and travel around looking for Cajun food and Zydeco music!