Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Snow and Hail!

Since Friday the 8th we have been at this forest camp camping for free. We started off with sun and wearing shorts and using our solar panels to charge the teardrop battery.  Now we are under our tent watching and listening to the falling hail!  The temps since yesterday have been in the 30's and 40's so we are dressed in several layers.  But,  we're drinking coffee and Michael made us a great breakfast.

Yesterday after being under the tent for a while, we went into Katie and Michael reorganized his stuff.  We ate cold rice and beans and fruit for dinner and fell asleep around 9pm.

Next, if it stops precipitating, we will reorganize the cargo area of the car.  We are taking a ferry over to Whidbey island on the 18th (in Washington). We are meeting our friends the Herbigs at that time and the 4 of us will camp with a another friend who lives there.  So we will probably leave here around Thursday or Friday to head north.  We're very excited!

Now the sun is out while the hail continues! Love it!