Saturday, May 9, 2015

Feeling Small Next to Big Trees

We are in what is called a forest camp near the beautiful Diamond Lake.  From where we are we can't see the lake, but no regrets as we sit at our little table under super tall Douglas firs.  A hummingbird just flew to us so Michael is hanging our feeder.  Everywhere I look it is green, yellow and blue!  Sun-lit trees against a jewel blue sky.

Thank goodness for mosquito coils as the entire population of Oregon mosquitos is here!

We found this spot yesterday and are staying here for a few days or so as our cash reserves are low this month and this is a free site.  We are still dependent only on Michael's social security as my payments don't begin until July.

We arrived in Oregon where we are now on May 5 after spending the 4th visiting the Avenue of the Giants in or near the town of Orick, California.  This was a section of humongous redwoods,  trees so tall with trunks so wide, they are hard to wrap your brain around it all!  We made several stops along the way to walk a little and take photos.

En route to Oregon,  we had our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean! We walked Gold Bluffs beach and I stepped right into the Pacific!  The ocean has many outcroppings of rock so it has a special ruggedness about it.  So beautiful! Afterwards we walked into Fern Canyon, cool and moist with ferns everwhere.  As we drove off,  we saw a large herd of elk feeding in a meadow.

On the 6th, our companion Lydia left to return home, but not before we left the coast on hilly, wooded roads. The countryside turned to open lush land and ranches.  Hills and mountains surrounded us as we entered Rouge River National Forest.  A life bird - Western gull.

Awoke to snow flurries Thursday morning.  We have been in elevations of 3000 feet or more and this morning showed us how the weather can change!  Thursday night we camped in a nice state park in Chiloquin.

We went to Crater Lake yesterday and what an awesome sight.  A massive eruption on this mountain 7700 years ago left a deep basin where the mountain peak once was.  Centuries of rain and snow filled the basin forming this deep (1900'), blue lake.  The sun reflecting off of it made several shades of blue possible.  It is a transformed volcano!

Which brings us to now in the forest camp. On this Saturday, we said goodbye to our travel friends, Bruce and Jackie as they travel north to the Portland area.  In a week we will catch up with them and head back over to the coast. Saw another life bird today, a Hermit warbler.

Now to see if I can finally attach photos after setting up a Picasa account.  Wish me luck!