Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Moving On!

Where are we now?   Sometimes it is hard to keep track!

Actually, after eight nights of free camping in Oregon the forest camp,  at 4550', with plenty of wet weather,  we headed out on Saturday.   It was a beautiful ride as we descended to sea level.  The woodlands are gorgeous and dense.  We took a few walks during the week and found beautiful wild flowers,  elk dung, odd looking mushrooms.  The trees are huge!

Anyway, we drove and drove, admiring the views.  We are constantly telling each other to look right or look left as we're driving!  Oregon is a beautiful place.  So many roads to explore and trails to hike.

Our destination for Saturday was Woodburn in Oregon still.   We would be reuniting with our friends,  the Herbigs.  It would also be our first night camping at a Wal-Mart!   Many wal-mart allow this, and it was an experience!  Loads of eighteen wheelers parked everywhere with about a dozen campers mixed in!   There was a lot of noise and bright lights.   We didn't have our best nights sleep!

On Sunday we headed into Washington on route 5.  We were headed to Port Townsend off of the Olympic Peninsula.  Once we got onto route 101, the ride became super scenic!   We were surrounded by the Cascade Mountains, the greenest fields we ever saw, and awesome cloud formations. Just spectacular!

We arrived in Port Townsend to catch a ferry over to Whidbey Island where we will stay for awhile.  Happily we met our host Jenn and Bear who are teardrop full-timers.  And we met Michael and Susan (from the forum).  All incredibly nice and interesting people.  They have made us feel so welcomed.  We are camping in a small meadow with the Herbigs as our neighbors. At this campground, sites are purchased by people,  many with rigs that are here permanently. The setting is wonderful with woods, ferns and flowering trees and bushes.  I will take photos later and post them.

Our aim today is to do laundry, a desperate need!  Over the week we will discover the island.      The Herbigs will be here for the week or so, but we will stay longer.

I still am having trouble getting photos to go where I want!!  Above are Michael cooking on our Solo base camp stove, followed be tree stumps with so many age rings.  And purple trillium.