Saturday, May 2, 2015

Loving this life!

Teardropping in paradise is what we are doing, especially since my last post!  Between adventures and beauty, we are as high as a kite!
We loved the town of Lone Pine, a small place with a main street of restaurants and shops.  Lone Pine is on route 395 on the Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway.  I may have mentioned this in my previous post, but it is worth mentioning again.   Such beauty with the Sierra mountain range looming over us.  We were especially awed by Mt. Whitney.  Snow-capped mountains were gorgeous!  

There was a visitor center where we were told we could camp for free.  This was a huge area of round rock formations and we found a private spot among the rocks.  Here and there we would see another camper in the far distance.   Our first looks at rock wrens.  We. Only spent one night in these Alabama Hills, but we could have spent weeks, it was that gorgeous!

When we finally found our way out of the hills,  we were back on route 395.   As we drove, a man in a Porsche drove up next to us to ask about our teardrop.   We pulled over and met Bob,  and gave him a tour!  This happens from time to time and we meet nice people because of the teardrop!

 Finding our way to the Sierra mountain range had us traveling through the Mojave desert,  very sandy, and flat, with what looked like different plant communities.

On the 28th we entered lake country and found Silver Lake, in the town of June Lake, still in California.  We stopped at a small store to get fuel and some water and food supplies.  This area is big for fishing, so many folks at the campground had their rods and reels ready!
Onward on route 89 we found more forest and the green colors were rich and lush!   We were in the Plumas National Forest and found a woodland campground.  We were in bear country so all of our food and toiletries had to be emptied from the trailer and put in. a large bear box. No bear activity though.

On Thursday, the 30th,  we headed to the town of Lakehead for a three day teardrop gathering at the Antlers campground.  We are with friends we met through the Camp-inn fo forum. Brice and Jackie Herbigs, and their friend Lydia McElroy.  The campground is full of.All styles of teardrops. Many are hand-made, and others from assorted companies including Camp-inn. Everyone is so friendly and we all walk around checking each other's teardrop and get tours of the t eardrops. So much fun! And we saw a cool acorn woodpecker.

We are near Shasta lake in CA.  We're heading out tomorrow with our friends towards red woods country!  After that onto Oregon and Washington.

The. Teardrop life celebrated its first month anniversary yesterday.   We are happy and healthy, losing some weight and getting tan!

After two dirt roads this past week, we washed the car and camper.   We're rearranging the stuff in the car today.

I am still trying to figure out how to attach photos.  I have been typing these entries on my phone since most times the computer and tablet won't connect to wi'fi, but the phone will
Go figure.  Once I figure out how to attach photos, I will.

Loving this life!