Sunday, February 15, 2015

Making a Home

Cape Cod is having another blizzard and all I can do is imagine a winter in a place with sun and warm temperatures!  Ooooh la la!  I know next winter we won't be dealing with all of this snow!

We got photos of our completed teardrop -- it passed owner-inspection, is paid for and is OURS!!  Pick-up date is April 1st!!

Our new home!

The Galley (with cooler, table that attaches to side of teardrop)

Interior - foot of the bed and storage cubbies

Head of the bed and more cubbies

"Excited" is only one word to describe how we goes beyond that to an appreciation of the outdoor lifestyle we will enjoy.  "Outdoors"  -- it is a strong emotion.  A sense of freedom.  The many, many opportunities to see our beautiful country.  Meeting new friends.  It is an appreciation and emotion that is hard to describe!

Well, we have ordered many essentials for our trip this past week and it is making the Odyssey seem even more real!  Laundry is a big consideration so we purchased our washer and dryer:

Wonderwash:  a hand-cranked washing machine that is so cool.  

Best Drying Rack:  check out this drying rack found at,

We love the design and that it packs so small!  Space is a definite consideration in the car!

And other purchases:

Renogy solar panels, 100 watt, that can charge our camper battery.

Solo Campfire Stove: a biomass gasification stove, a super-efficient low emission stove that burns twigs, etc.  We also bought a Trangia alcohol stove that can work in conjunction with the Solo stove (alcohol stove is National Park friendly).

Solo stove

Trangia Alcohol Stove

This gives you an idea of the fun stuff we'll get to play with!  Toys are us!