Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Night/Tuesday Morning

It's 1:00am and I can't sleep.  It seems I can't quiet my mind.  All I think about, all Michael thinks about, is the full-time camping that lies ahead of us.  I lay in bed trying to sleep only to find I am making to-do lists in my head, envisioning travels across the USA, wondering how we are going to be rid of every little (and big) thing by the time we leave the Cape (in one month!!)...and so on.

It is a combination of feelings and emotions.  Truly there is excitement...and stress!  I am sitting here looking as the big USA map on our living room wall, practically drooling over what travels are ahead of us.  Then I look at my work table and see files and papers, each requiring some sort of action.  The Amazon boxes we have emptied only to be filled with things to ship to my sisters are scattered about.  Three bags of dishes I am giving to a friend.  Odd pieces of furniture yet to go out to the buyers.

Following other RVing blogs by full-timers and part-timers shows us we aren't feeling anything unexpected.  It is a huge life-style change.  We get that.  And, we are embracing it.  We will do well as we love camping and a teardrop is luxury compared to tent camping which we've done all of our years together.  But worries creep up about safety, unexpected (and expected) expenses, staying healthy.  But, for me, the excitement creeps back in again and I feel confident about it all.

And, I reassure myself that we are actually getting the significant things done, even with a hiccup now and then...which keeps things interesting!  And then I just remembered something I needed to do by Sunday and didn't.  So my head spins once more!

My to-do list for later today has another "to do" on it. 

It will all work out!   :-)