Saturday, November 1, 2014


Talk about a challenge...saving money for the future and spending money for the future.  Doing both at one time is taking some skill.  And I haven't eaten this much ramen noodles ever!

Shopping.  Yes, the loo and privacy tent are on the way.  After setting up the In-Camp 100 tent as a galley tent, and after seeing Jamie's photos that she kindly emailed to us, we have decided it won't really work well with the galley hatch open.  But, since we love this tent, we are keeping it as our "living room" and we'll order the REI Alcove (below) to be our "kitchen" tent.  One more decision made.

Camp-Inn teardrop trailer with Alcove tent over galley

 And instead of a big unwieldy 5 gallon jerry can for water, on the Forum we learned about these 3.5 gallon stackable bottles for water (or food or whatnot).  They stack like bricks!

 We found a cover for our down comforter to keep it clean.  We are looking for a small set of Corelle dishes.  And Michael bought a tie!  Yes, a tie!  He hasn't worn one in close to 20 years, but gotta have one for the Odyssey!

(Oh yeah, we call this Odyssey III, following #2 in 2000 and #1 in 1995!)

Perhaps our next two (and hopefully last) big panels and a controller (for the electric brakes) to go in the car.  Chaaa-ching!

This is fun!