Saturday, November 1, 2014

You've Got to Have Friends...

So the Camp-Inn Forum has definitely become a daily necessity.  We are thrilled with the information we are garnering from this site.  And even better, we are making friends!  Bruce and Jackie, for example, contacted as one day out of the blue, to suggest that we travel together as we are all New Englanders!  Their goal is to depart Maine April 1 and we hope we are in Necedah, WI picking up K.T. (or Katy), our teardrop, at that time.  They have since invited us to join them along the way at a teardrop gathering called the "Dam Gathering"!  It is in northern CA at the beginning of May, so that's what we are planning to do! 

( is hard to sit here without jumping from excitement!  To be talking about plans such as these, well, it is unbelievable we are headed towards this amazing future!)

Adrianne, another Forum member, got in touch recently with wonderful trailer insights.  Jenn has written to us a number of times, sharing her fulltimer experiences.  Jamie wrote to give us her take on the In-Camp 100 tent from REI that we ordered.  Joan, Pat, and others have been so generous with their ideas and advice. 

Where there are friends, there is wealth.
                                                 - Titus Maccius Plautus