Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Our planning is in full gear and it is coming and going in all directions!  We did make a decision to step down from a 550 Ultra to a 550 Special...and special she will be.  It is a money savings step and one we feel very comfortable about.  The differences are about the lighting, stove, front storage box, and sink.  We are staying with Ultra lighting fixtures...they're too sweet to forgo, and we are getting the front storage box to store our tents.  But we will find a cheaper stove and can do without the sink.  So we are saving about $3000 which can go towards our supplies.

We did order and receive our "living room" tent.  An REI In-Camp 100 (talk about irony...an In-Camp tent for our Camp-Inn trailer!) arrived a few days ago and has been set up since then.  Although I have reservations about how it will work with our trailer's open galley hatch, we tested it with the 4Runner hatch and it may work out better than I anticipate.  Michael, who cooks 100% of the time, feels it will work out just fine.  The purpose of it is to give us a place to sit out of the rain, but also to cover the galley area so we can still prepare meals when raining.
Camp Showers & Accessories at Cabela's
Next to order, is our privacy tent.  This cute little number is actually where we will shower and use a portable toilet when we are dry camping.  It is also a dressing room and a nighttime bathroom!

Oh, and the portable "loo"...    Reliance Luggable Loo® Toilet at Cabela's