Friday, November 14, 2014

Here we go 'round in circles...

"Cruise control isn’t practical for cars or for life. If you switch on autopilot, you lose sight of the journey. Obstacles aren’t necessarily things to overcome and forget; they’re essential to our lives because they allow us to understand joy." -- Jessica Taylor

I love this!  My niece Jessica, who by the way is a tremendously talented writer, wrote the above in her most recent blog entry.  For me, it applies to all of the prep for our new 'Odyssey'.  Honestly, it all overwhelms me and sometimes I just want to shut down.  I want to close my eyes, and then open them, and all will be organized.  If it isn't gearing up (or down, as we have gone through every bit of what we own and have tossed, donated, or sold a load of stuff), it is looking into the myriad of details that go with this lifestyle change.

First and foremost...where to establish residency.  Florida?  Texas?  South Dakota?  Florida?  Texas?  South Dakota?  You get the reference now to going around in circles.  This is the BIG question.  These states are the "top 3" for full-time RV'ers.  For reasons like auto and trailer insurance costs to renewing drivers licenses and registration, to mail forwarding, to health insurance, to, well, you get it.  It's a huge decision, or at least it feels that way to us.  And because it is, I'd like to close my eyes.  Then open them.  And the decisions will have been made and all of the details handled.

This is what I take from Jessica 's post.  The journey is half the fun and if we cruise through it, we miss a big part of the experience.  I don't want to lose out on a minute of the prep for this journey.  Once all of our ducks are in a row, I will be able to sit back with Michael and smile at the work we've done.  The craziness and stress will "allow us to understand joy".

Oh, and once we've figured out which state -- Florida Texas, or South Dakota -- we'll let you know.