Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Friends Talking

Tonight Gerry and I went to meet with Elisha at the DoubleTree hotel to talk about the next Cape Cod Bird Festival (2015).  That meeting lasted about 45 minutes.  After Elisha left us, Gerry and I talked for well over an hour about many things.  For as many times that he and I have butted heads during the last few years while Festival planning, we seem to have a mutual respect and fondness for one another.

We spoke about the Festival, past and upcoming, birding, and the pending travels of me and Michael.  It was an easy and good conversation.  When Michael and I tell family about our teardropping plans, we will undoubtedly be confronted by many reactions, mostly emotional, I told Gerry.  Forget the fact that Michael and I are adults, there will be questions about our sanity and our decision to up and leave jobs, our home, the Cape.  Gerry changed the word 'emotion' to 'commotion' when anticipating the reaction family will have!  But, he also advised that Michael and I need to do what is right for us.  Agreed.  This is what's right for us.