Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Future is a Dream Coming True

I don't mean those tear drops that run down your face when sad or laughing too hard.  I mean camping trailers that are tiny and, well, shaped like a teardrop.  I will attempt, at some point, to post a photo of a teardrop trailer, but for now, I am too much of a newbie to blogging and can't figure out where/how to find a photo!

About a year ago, Michael and I began to have this dream of retiring (actually he has been retired; I still work) and taking off in a camper to call all of the US our home.  One day I came home from work and Michael said, "you've got to see this!".  "This" was a way cool travel trailer called a Cricket.  Multi-colored, funky-shaped, and simplistically designed, we were smitten!  We've got to have this trailer and hit the road! Nothing like making a rash decision!

First, you must understand that this "wanderlust" fever has hit us before, actually two times before.  In 1994, we left very good jobs to bicycle across country, fully loaded with our camping gear and other essentials.  We took our time, traveling from NJ to FL across the southern tier of the US to CA where we took summer jobs at Sequoia National Park.  That's a whole other story.

After returning to NJ, we worked until 1999, when once again we were bitten by the "hit the road" bug.  This time we drove our Honda Civic loaded with kayaks, bicycles, and backpacking and camping gear to re-visit some special sites we had cycled through previously, and to discover new places.  After 6 months of traveling we were headed home to NJ by way of MA.   Let's go through Cape Cod!  Best decision ever...we bought a house and found jobs all within a week!  We're "wash-a-shores", the affectionate name given to outsiders like us who invade the Cape as new residents.  We settled into Cape Cod easily and here we still are 14 years later. 

Fourteen years is a long time for us to be so stable, so once again we are researching and planning a way to celebrate retirement for both of us.  This story and how we found a teardrop will come soon.