Thursday, June 25, 2015

Moved Slightly On!

We've been in the private campground for over a month while our host, Jenn, has been traveling in her own teardrop.  As she was returning yesterday, it was time to move on.  Our other friend, Bear, left to travel yesterday in his teardrop.  These little trailers really get around!

So,  we have found another beautifully wooded site, a county park, still in Coupeville, still on Whidbey Island!

I still can't believe that this is the life we have chosen.  Each morning we wake up to have a cup of coffee outdoors.  This is one reason we love what we are doing;calling the outdoors our living room!

We hope to stay at this park through the July 4th holiday, and then we will head a bit east toward the Northern Cascades and Mt. Baker.

Oh, we saw a beautiful pileated woodpecker this morning -- another reason to be outdoors so much!