Thursday, June 11, 2015

Another Whidbey Island Day

This life of teardropping isn't too bad!   Life travels slow on teardrop time,  as it is referred to!  Although we love being on Whidbey Island, there is a part of us that wants to be on our way!  But no looking at this opportunity to be here as a negative.   It is free and lovely.

Let's talk hummingbirds!  As we sit here and drink our coffee we watch the antics of Anna's hummingbirds, before they settle down to drink at the feeder!  I can't seem to get a photo of one as they move too quickly!  But their gorget (throat) is a very pretty red/pink.  And when I wear my red fleece, the birds will fly to me and hover for a few seconds!

A very cute squirrel visits regularly for ground seed is a Douglas squ
irrel. A soft brown with orange underparts.  We've had a tiny vole scurrying to grab a seed and then run off.

Douglas squirrel

Even on teardrop time the laundry needs to get done!   Meet our Wonderwash!  It works well.  All we do is fill it half way with water, add detergent, stuff in several articles of clothing, screw the lid on, and turn the handle to get it spinning.  Crank it for two or 
three minutes for clean (or cleaner!) clothes!

Yesterday, a black-tailed deer walked by us.  She was a beauty.  And then a pair of mating moths landed on my leg...for awhile!  When they were done, they separated and they went their separate ways!

A day in the life...