Monday, June 8, 2015


With our decision to stay on Whidbey Island for the month,  we aren't moving too fast each day!  For example, we arise and get out of the teardrop around 7am or 8am.  We make coffee and sit outside drinking it and watching the bird feeders. We recently moved from the meadow where we were camping to Jenn's woodland campsite.  Jenn has left to travel and generously offered her site to us while she is gone.  We have this beautiful,  lush view of a duck weed covered pond.

I tthink I wrote about the beautiful Native American flute Michael gave to me for my birthday.  It is made from Alaskan white cedar and has a lovely deep sound (the key of G for any musicians out there.)

We had been using our 100 watt solar panels while in the meadow, we now have electric hook-up for our electricity needs ('fridge, and charging the trailer).   The panels did a great job charging as well.

Today, like most days, is sunny and clear and dry.  We are so spoiled by it!  Although there has been some rain, the days are mostly glorious.

We've gone through the "big" town of Oak Harbor a few times, and the charming town.of Coupeville.  Some days we just drive around and get lost!  The island is part coastal and par forest and part farmland, with mountains in the background.

So, it is time to move from the shade to sunshine!  Have a great day!