Friday, April 3, 2015

We are Blessed!

We are officially full-time teardrop campers!

Right now we are sitting in the Little Crane eating an amazing breakfast and enjoying the warmth.   We have been camping at Camp-inn's little camping area since Wednesday when we finally got our teardrop. Today's weather in Necedah is cloudy and we had 25 degree temps this morning after two mild days.

It was an awesome day and experience on Wednesday when we met Cary and Craig and went through orientation.  It was a long day but it flew by!  We learned the in's and outs of our teardrop and shared lots of stories.  The trailer is beautifully crafted and, well, gorgeous!

We spent yesterday organizing our things in "Katie" (yes, we have named her!) and she holds a good amount in the provided storage compartments.  We are emptying plastic tubs and also getting the car in better order.

Last evening as we sat outside the trailer, in balmy and breezy weather, 2 beautiful Cranes flew by.  Auto correct won't let me write S andhill, but hopefully you get it!

The weather has warmed up a bit now as the sun is shining,  but with it being windy it feels cold still.  We spent a couple of hours at the Necedah National Wildlife refuge and within 15 minutes we saw a bald eagle on the nest, a pair of whooping cranes, great ducks, tundra swans, and more!  What a spectacular place with so many habitats.   Over 13,000 acres are wetlands alone!

After chatting with Cary, we decided to stay here one more night.   So we're going to go south tomorrow,  but who knows how far!?  That's the luxury of being retired, I am so loving!     we feel so fortunate and appreciative of this time in our lives and its only just begun.