Sunday, March 13, 2016

Heaven in the National Forest

I write from Sam Houston again, but this time in a perfect spot for camping. We spoke to a ranger about free camping and upon his advice, we drove a couple of forest roads until we found this road with a pretty clearing among long needle pines and strawberry flowers (we think strawberry!).  Lots of butterflies here that we can't ID, so next Barnes & Noble bookstore we pass, I am purchasing a butterfly field guide!  Not very birdy so far,  but have heard pileated woodpeckers calling and drumming.  Other birdsong around, but not much to see other than vultures.

This spot is perfect for boondocking (free and dry camping) and so much nicer than most campsites you pay for.  Saturday night, the 12th of March, we sat under starry skies eating freshly baked bread that Michael made with the Dutch oven.  No photo, sorry!  We dove right into eating it warm with butter!

Before we came here we spent three nights at Escapees campground.  One morning, about one half hour after we awoke, I started with chest pains, radiating to my jaw and left shoulder, with nausea.  Michael rushed me to the local hospital ER, where tests and an EKG showed I did not have a heart attack, much to our thankfulness.  The doctor recommended a stress test, so I will be arranging for that.  Boy, was that scary.  I feel well since.

Just returned from a sunset walk and saw and heard black and white warblers, a pileated flying, Cardinal, blue-gray gnatcatcher, Carolina wren, and Carolina chickadee.  Our third night here and we're listening to coyotes in the distance.  We hear cattle or steer calling out too, kind of a spooky sound!  And, not a soul around!  Very peaceful and beautiful!  Because it is so lovely here, we might stay for a while!