Saturday, March 26, 2016

2 + 1 = 3 Happy Campers

Yes, our family of 2 has grown!  When we began our journey last year, the idea of a pet was always on our minds.  Yes, even with our tiny trailer!  And we anticipated a dog if we went this route.  Well, our dog turned out to be a cat and it's one of the best decisions we have made on our travels!

While in Las Cruces, New Mexico, about a month ago, we were "camping" at a Walmart, and a store called Pet's Barn was in the same plaza.  So in we went, all the while Michael is saying "we are NOT adopting a pet".  Well, you can guess how this ended up!  About 6 cats were there for adoption on behalf of a local adoption center.  There we found Nevelle!  Pronounced like Nev-Ull.  A male domestic short haired cat that the employees described as a "love" soon was ours!  He had been up for adoption since last March.  That made it even more special that we were finally giving him a forever home.

And, the staff had leash trained him inside the store.  Perfect!  Nevelle walks with us outdoors at least once a day.  He stops and starts, and sometimes has to be carried a bit, but he's adapted beautifully to the outdoors, always on a leash or long run-out.  He sleeps with us in the teardrop and is litter box trained.  He loves his corner, but now has taken to sleeping between us!

Outdoors, he's active, chasing crickets and butterflies, and sitting under a big mound of pine needles.  Nevelle has made us super happy!  

In his pine needle fort!

At night he feeds on a cubby hole door that folds down.

We love that he is mostly white with a tail that looks like it was dipped in brown paint!

Yes, he does climb trees.  But since he's on a run-out he doesn't get too far up!

And, he travels so well in the car with us.  We put his food/water bowls and litter box in the back and he rides with us like a champ!  The perfect traveling buddy!