Sunday, October 11, 2015

We're in the Garden State

Let's work backwards!  We made it to NJ Friday and stayed in North Jersey with our friend,  Pam.

We traveled from Michigan's upper peninsula after attending a big teardrop gathering in Necedah, WI, hosted by Camp-inn,  the maker of our teardrop.

About 60 or so teardrops participated in the gathering,  held September 25 - 27, at Castle Rock campground in Mauston, WI.  It was very social, and we met many people,  and enjoyed checking out other trailers.  A big pot luck dinner was held Saturday night and our contribution was a live cooking station where we made Native American style fry bread.   It was a hit!  We served it with a choice of salt or a honey butter spread! We got to meet even more people!

We also visited the beautiful Necedah National Wildlife Refuge and walked trails there.  Great birding!  Whooping and Sandhill cranes, bald eagles, and more!

We left WI and headed into Michigan and the upper peninsula.  We traveled through the lower part of the UP, so we missed some waterfalls and other beautiful spots.  (But we always save something for next time! ).  However, we did like what we saw.  We drove on route 2 along Lake Michigan and visited the "big town" of Escabada.   From here we found a great campground called Big Knob State Forest (Boulder City) along with a free camping area in Hiawatha National Forest. 

In Michigan, I bought a very cool wool hat made in MI.  Designed by "Stormy" Kromer back in 1903, it has lots of character!

From Michigan,  we headed into western Ohio and Pennsylvania.   There we enjoyed beautiful scenery, rolling hills and trees bursting with autumn colors!

So, here we are in southern New Jersey!  We'll be here with family for about 2 weeks or so.  Then we head south down the east coast toward Florida for a Native American Flute School and Festival and Thanksgiving.   In December, we're heading west along the Gulf Coast to spend the winter in a snow-free zone!!

Life is indeed great and we acknowledge our good fortune to be able to experience the USA every day!