Friday, November 18, 2016

Florida Week Still

Friday, November 18, and we are still hunkered down in Ocala National Forest as it is a beautiful spot and we aren't anxious to leave!  We are going to stay through Thanksgiving, departing on Friday, the 25th.  We will head towards Tampa for a weeklong visit with my sister and brother-in-law, and nieces and nephews.

The forest is so pretty and we have done some walking on forest paths, enjoying the beauty.  Our campground is on a lake and fisherfolk come through to a pier to do some fishing.  We still are surrounded by birds, especially black and turkey vultures that gather above us in the morning and early evening.  Listening th the wind through their wings is pretty cool! 

Unusual pink lichen!

Vultures in the tree tops.

We have had chilly nights and mornings, but once the sun is up the temps hit the mid-seventies and it is glorious!  Until it warms up, though, we are in pants and fleece and socks sitting by a fire to ward off the chill.

Michael has been cooking over a fire, chicken for himself, and breakfast of eggs for us both.  Yesterday, he baked potatoes in the coals.  Since we didn't have foil, he used some tin cans to put the potatoes into for cooking.  Boy, were these delicious!

Getting ready to bake potatoes in the coals.

There have been interesting bugs and one type of grasshopper visits us regularly!

Even in the forest, the real world isn't very far away.  Last night I spent an hour on the phone with a terrific insurance agent who works with full-time RV'ers, so I could choose a health insurance plan for 2017.  Without boring you with details, the ACA/Health Insurance Marketplace has been a challenge to  navigate.  With sound advice last night,  I made a good choice for coverage for next year.  With our domicile in Texas, I am limited to an HMO through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.  Since we spend two to three months in Texas a year, I can get all of my medical needs handled while there.  Hopefully, 2017 will be another healthy year!

Next week, we have a vet appointment for the kittens to get booster shots they need.  We use Banfield  Pet Hospital, at Petsmarts, as they are all over the country and each facility has access to our pets' records.  It works out really well.  The kittens are growing quickly and are rambunctious and affectionate!  Nevelle is more used to them and has relaxed around them.  Nevelle loves being outdoors with us on a leash, and we have now begun to bring the kittens out in a large crate so they, too, can enjoy the outdoors.  They love it and have shown no nervousness about it.  And when they are inside the trailer, Nevelle will often use the crate!

See you in a few days!