Sunday, June 19, 2016

So Much Going On!

You can tell by the masthead, we are on a new adventure!  We have moved up to a 20' R-pod travel trailer from our 10' tiny teardrop.  Living large(er)!!

We sold our teardrop to a terrific family in Austin, TX and bought our gently used R-pod in nearby Lampasas from Mike and Erin.

It was bittersweet giving up the teardrop,  but we are incredibly happy with our decision to go larger.  There's something to be said for standing up when you get dressed!

We left Camp-Inn after having some maintenance done on her, and we also replaced her tires.  After one lovely couple looked at the trailer, but decided not to buy, we found our second family did wish to buy.  So from Wisconsin to Texas we drove, going through Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas.

The Little Crane
Our favorite WI restaurant!

We drove off the interstate frequently and saw farms of soy and wheat and corn, along with horse and cattle farms.  Lots of beautiful scenery!

Here at Sam Houston National Forest again for boondocking, while waiting to register our new trailer, which we are calling  
 Katie 2.


Sam Houston, forest namesake

Soon we will head north to escape the heat and humidity!