Thursday, February 18, 2016


At the moment, I am breathless, in more ways than one!  We are in Tucson, AZ, visiting my sister, Harriet.  Her birthday is on te 22nd, so we're here to celebrate!  And my other sister, Linda, is coming in from Tampa, FL on Friday.  Our first time together in too many years.

I'm breathless because of the gorgeous scenery.  Surrounded by mountains, and beautiful vegetation, we love being here.

One of Tucson's many washes.

Seeing our first AZ saguaro cactus.

Secondly, I am breathless because I was out riding my bike, a pumpkin orange single speed cruiser on a mostly level bike path, but with a few minor hills to climb.  Because of the single speed, and high 80 degree temperatures, it felt like I was riding in the Tour de France!

With my sister, Harriet.

Michael and Harriet.

Some pictures from our drive through New Mexico to Arizona:

Love seeing the mountains against a jewel tone sky!  Taken while traveling.