Friday, September 18, 2015

Glacier National Park, Montana - Awesome!

One place we definitely wanted to visit was Glacier and we spent four days there, not nearlyenough time! It is filled with majestic scenery, mountains and passes, lakes and waterfalls, and forests and bears!  Well, we only had a super quick glance at one in Apgar Village.  None in the campground we stayed at, and none seen on the trails we walked.
We made two trips on The-Going-to-the-Sun Road, a MUST for anyone visiting this park. On the 4th we took a free shuttle bus up to Logan Pass, about a 45 mile ride.  The views were just gorgeous!  However, we weren't prepared for the change in weather at 6390'!  It was 60+ degrees at the campground and somewhat sunny, and this trip up the road was somewhat spontaneous!  So thirty-five wet and windy degrees didn't feel so great!! But, we were so taken by the scenery, we didn't mind...much!

The road was mostly one lane each way, and very twisty-turney.  At some points, only a 3' high rock wall separated us from soaring to our deaths!!

Two days later, I drove us up.  But due to snow we could only go 27 miles!  Here's what we saw!

Put Glacier NP on your bucket list!