Friday, July 3, 2015

Rocky Point Beach

This Whidbey Island beaches are so different than the Atlantic Beaches. Here they are cluttered with amazing drift wood and uprooted tree trunks from who knows where!  And especially cool are the gazillions of rocks that cover the beach.

Jenn and I visited Rocky Point Beach the other day, another glorious sunshiney day here on the island.  The water was a very pleasant, tolerable cool and here I was wading in the Pacific ocean!

Rock collecting was phenomenal!  Jenn was on the hunt for small white stones and I picked up all sorts of goodies, including this green rock with what we think are coral pieces.


These chunks of trees somehow landed here. They are bleached out, but are beautiful and old.

There is beauty in everything.  Strolling on this beach with Jenn in the sun, and with my feet in the water, made for another spectacular day!