Saturday, December 13, 2014

Making Strides!


So we keep talking about our teardrop-to-come, and our travel plans, and retirement, and camping equipment.  We keep it alive by looking at the Camp-Inn teardrop site and participating in the forums we have discovered.  But, suddenly it isn't so much a vision or dream anymore.  We have received photos from Camp-Inn of our 550 Special being built!  Yes, it is happening!

It is really exciting to see the galley taking shape!

The 2 door openings are in place and the outside storage box is taking form!  And it is sitting on it's trailer frame!

Camp-Inn will send photos once or twice a week!  We are anxious to see the progression and feel the excitement!

Today we joined Escapees, a national RV club.  This organization offers a mail forwarding service that provides a street address in either Florida or Texas, depending where we establish a domicile.  We need this in order to register our car and trailer, get drivers' licenses, basically to have a home without actually living there.  Texas is looking like our choice, but we're still talking it over.

The little steps we have been taking are getting bigger!  The finish line is more in view now.